Piwik & intranet (specifically SharePoint)


Hello from Seattle!

I work within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and am a Site Collection admin of a SharePoint2013 site collection that could really benefit from some better user data and analytics. The SharePoint OOTB stuff is nonexistent/terrible! It’s always a bit of a challenge finding software that is approved by VA IT, but Piwik v2.0+ is permitted.

Our SharePoint servers are controlled regionally and I don’t/won’t have access to those. It is possible for me to receive and access the folder locations and logs for our site collection on the server. I’m curious how Piwik can be set up. Does it have to be installed at the farm level or can I download it to my machine and point to the folders and logs on the server? (disclaimer: I don’t work in IT and have limited knowledge in these areas - bear with me if I bungled those descriptions.)

Having this sort of background information helps me when I put in a request with the IT folks, so any input is appreciated. Thank you!

-laura r


Maybe I should have directed this to the Consulting team. Durr. My apologies!

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Hi Laurar,

See the Sharepoint solution: SharePoint Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo