Piwik installed as separate subdomains. Only tracking external subdomain, none others


I installed Piwik some weeks ago and so far I have only seen it work in the only subdomain that is external - by that I mean, the DNS is set up elsewhere and points to my server.


I am hosting 3 domains. Out of those 3 domains, 2 have subdomains with different instals and functions. Some are Drupal instals, some are simple html pages. I have tried everything, so far nothing works with Drupal plug ins, with direct tracking code pasted in….nothing.

[li] Piwik is updated to the latest version.
[/li][li] System check is clean, all working. No database issues.
[/li][li] All Trusted hostnames are set in Trusted Piwik Hostname section.

Piwik install is reachable via subdomain for each domain.

Here is my layout - The “site/service” entry indicates a total separate install and files:


www.domain1.com - 1 site/service - Drupal # 1 + Piwik plugin. Site ID 1 - NOT TRACKING
------------- subdomain1.domain1.com - 1 site/service - No Piwik tracking installed.
------------- subdomain2.domain1.com - Points to the Piwik installation as “analytics.domain1.com

www.domain2.com - 1 site/service - Drupal # 2 + Piwik plugin. Site ID 2 - NOT TRACKING
------------- subdomain1.domain2.com - Points to the Piwik installation as “analytics.domain2.com

www.domain3.com - Not pointing to anything. Empty directory.
------------- subdomain1.domain3.com - 1 site/service - Regular HTML page. Site ID 3 - NOT TRACKING
------------- subdomain2.domain3.com - Points to the Piwik installation as “analytics.domain3.com


subdomain1.domain4.com - 1 site/service - Regular HTML page. Site ID 4 - TRACKING. WTH??? Using tracking code from subdomain2.domain1.com

I have tried all these:

[li] Set up Piwik WITHOUT subdomain (http://domain.com/piwik/ instead of analytics.domain.com) and then install the tracking code = Not tracking.
[/li][li] Cross-linked the tracking codes (Example: Use tracking code from analytics.domain1.com on domain2.com sites. Keep in mind all the sites and all the domains are available to any of the Piwik regardless of subdomain, so that can be done) and then install the tracking code = Not tracking.
[/li][li] Pasted the tracking codes in the footer and header = Not tracking.
[/li][li] Used a simple HTML page with nothing on it, just the tracking code = Not tracking.

I am at a lost as of what to do. I see no errors in any logs, I have double checked all the issues listed on the FAQ….I simply cannot get it to work. Google Analytics works with all of them just fine, so I know it is not my DNS or my set up.

Anyone can point or hint towards any possible solution or troubleshooting procedure? I would appreciated it beyond words.