Piwik Installation Setup Problem

Hi - I am at stage 3 of the Piwik installation on my server and keep getting this error message:


In case you can’t see the screenshot above - this is the error message:

Error while trying to connect to the database server:
SQLSTATE[42000] [1044] Access denied for user ‘xxxxx’@‘localhost’ to database ‘piwik’

I have tried all manner of combinations of logins and passwords etc - trying to get it to work but no luck. I have read some of your forum postings and see that this has been an issue for others in the past. How do I solve this?

The login and password I have been entering is that which is required to access my hosting account/cpanel - is that the correct L & P. Or should I be using the L & P associated with the database when I established it in MySQL ? I have been using “localhost” for the database server. Which L & P does your product require for setup?

Looking forward to getting beyond stage 3 … thanks

Hi Nzer,

Are you sure the Database and the website locate in the same server ? . In that case localhost is fine Else you need to give the Ipaddress or name of the database server. You can check this in the cpanel or ask the hosting provider. well and also you need to use the Login details associated with your database. not with the Cpanel.

Let us know if any clarification


Or should I be using the L & P associated with the database when I established it in MySQL ?

Obviously yes!

Hi Elam - thank you for your helpful post. I have finally got to the root of the problem with database access. It transpired that the issue was being caused by my database server address not being listed in “remote mysql”. My hosting company diagnosed the problem, and once this was entered, the rest of the setup went smoothly and I now have everything installed. The next 24 hours should show data being populated (fingers crossed) on my three sites. Many thanks for your attempt to solve the issue for me.


It’s awsome tool. you will enjoy using it . well you can see the data now . Try to select today’s date. if your website had visitor then you can see the data.

if you need any help let us know


Thanks - actually I can’t see any data at this point. I have downloaded the Piwik plugin for Wordpress and added the tracking code 1,2,3, for each of my three sites but there is still no data displaying. Even though I have activated the wordpress plugin - do I still need to add the full javascript code as well to each site - I thought the tracking id in the plugin would have done that for me? Thanks