PIWIK installation on Redhat 6 - Error loading welcome.twig

Hi All,

I’m new to Piwik and trying to install it for the first time on Redhat 6. I have followed the RHEL CentOS Installation document on github: RHEL CentOS installation · matomo-org/piwik Wiki · GitHub. When I load the index page, I receive:

An Error Occurred

The string to escape is not a valid UTF-8 string in “@Installation/welcome.twig” at line 1.

I have read a similar thread in issue #4410: The string to escape is not a valid UTF-8 string in "@CoreHome/getDefaultIndexView.twig". · Issue #4410 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub. I am receiving the same UTF-8 string error but with a different twig file. That being said, I followed the recommended fix for issue #4410 and to replaced the line in plugins/SegmentEditor/SegmentFormatter.php:

return strtolower($translation);


return mb_strtolower($translation, ‘UTF-8’);

The problem persists after changing this return line. One thing to note is that Redhat 6 does not seem to have the packages mentioned in the RHEL CentOS installation on github:


The PHP version on the system is: 5.3.3.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance…