Piwik incorrectly tracks search result pages

We are a hotel booking website. Ever since we implement google places on our website piwik is showing incorrect tracking details.

See attached image. Sequence 4,5,6 are search for Chicago, IL, View Hotel Details, Payment page.
Then 11-20 another search for Philadelphia PA and different pages (Hotel details, room details, payment page, another hotel details room details etc).
None of them are tracked properly and they all show the same thing.

Any idea what is going on?

Hi there,

maybe you send too many search tracking events instead of just one per search page? or do you think it could be an issue in piwik?

No it wasn’t that. We found that we have a query param in our URL. So piwik understands that as a separate search even though it is the same search just different steps during the search 1) Search for hotel 2) Hotel details 3) room details, 4) payment page
All of the steps have the “query” params in the url and that was messing up piwik stats.

Is there a way to recover page urls or page titles? Or these are now lost for good?