Piwik host change


Hi All!

I have a problem right now with a hostname where i keep my piwik stats. At this moment we have a certain URL to track sites and access piwik admin.

For some reasons we need to change this hostname. Let say from:

piwik1.mydomain.com to piwik2.mydomain.com

I can add another tracking code for each site, but i dont know how to keep previous stats. I assume that if i delete a site i will lose all generated data.

So my cuestion is, how to change hostname in my apache server without losing my stats?

Thanks in advance
Alberto Bandin

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

If you change the hostname, Piwik should still work the same. Just make sure you change the JS code on all your pages to point to new hostname… Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo