Piwik has stopped tracking


my Installation of Piwik (0.4.1) just stopped tracking anything two days ago.

I did not change anything, the MySQL DB is up and running, I don’t know where else to look for the cause of this.
Can you help me?

Check your web server logs for error messages.

Query your log_visits table to see if visits are still being recorded.

[quote=vipsoft @ Jul 10 2009, 03:53 PM]Check your web server logs for error messages.

Query your log_visits table to see if visits are still being recorded.[/quote]

Thanks for your reply.
Any specific logs? I don’t have full server access (1and1). Is there anything in the piwik directory I could check? I did not find any logfiles there, but since there are loads of folders, I might have missed something.

log_visit shows me that visits are still being tracked, but way, way less than before. There was one for yesterday (whereas piwik shows: 0) and 8 for the day before yesterday (piwik only displays 5). I’m using another counter which displays ~20 for each of those days (and those before, there never was much of a divergence between Piwik and the counter).

If visits are still being logged, you should check your php memory limit.

I can’t explain the difference between Piwik and your other counter without seeing the logs. Reasons could include javascript vs noscript, live vs bots, bounces before the page sufficiently loads, etc.


turned out (on second look) that Piwik completely stopped tracking for just one of the sites (almost all of them being Wordpress sites) on said day. Since it is still working for all the other sites, I guess this must be an issue with the Piwik plugin. i’m using the new 0.7 on all sites.

Deleting the Plugin and reinstalling it seems to have fixed it (at least my own visits to this site are being recorded again).


Hello guys,
I’ve got the same Problem. After updating my user get not tracked anymore. The table piwik_log_visit is complete empty. I installed Piwik on a subdomain. Websites exist und the tracker code is correctly delivered by the sytem. How can I found the problen? Any ideas
Thx in advance

Hmm, seems like I’d drawn the wrong conclusions. Piwik still doesn’t track most hits. It only counted one visit by myself (admin) after I switched to “Track the admin user too”, everything else won’t be tracked by the Piwik 0.7 Plugin.