Piwik has disappeared

(Chelsea Schwartz) #1

I’ve been using piwik for years, I logged in to check stats today and Piwik was GONE. My website gives a “page not found” error now. I haven’t recently updated (not in a weeks). Piwik was working fine last night. I’ve tried checking the URL on different browsers to same result. I looked at my FTP and all the piwik files are still there.

Where’d Piwik go?

UPDATE: It’s magically back this morning, but a lot of the data pages are giving errors.

(Michael Gonera) #2

Hi @UncoolRockstar,

too bad to hear about your issues, but I don’t think they are Piwik related. Maybe your provider had some issues?

Are you running your Piwik within specific domain like http://piwik.something.com

or do you access it by a path on a server like http://something.com/piwik ?

What kind of errors are you experiencing at the moment? Please paste in some screenshots maybe.

(Chelsea Schwartz) #3

It’s accessed by a path on the server…

And now, it’s magically gone again. Back to “page not found” when you visit the URL.

(Michael Gonera) #4

If the files are on the server in the path you’re trying to access, then you would at least get error from Piwik. What you describe seems like a server-side issue.

What if you access http://your_domain.com/your_piwik_path/piwik.php or /piwik.js? Does it load?