Piwik has disappeared

I’ve been using piwik for years, I logged in to check stats today and Piwik was GONE. My website gives a “page not found” error now. I haven’t recently updated (not in a weeks). Piwik was working fine last night. I’ve tried checking the URL on different browsers to same result. I looked at my FTP and all the piwik files are still there.

Where’d Piwik go?

UPDATE: It’s magically back this morning, but a lot of the data pages are giving errors.

Hi @UncoolRockstar,

too bad to hear about your issues, but I don’t think they are Piwik related. Maybe your provider had some issues?

Are you running your Piwik within specific domain like http://piwik.something.com

or do you access it by a path on a server like http://something.com/piwik ?

What kind of errors are you experiencing at the moment? Please paste in some screenshots maybe.

It’s accessed by a path on the server…

And now, it’s magically gone again. Back to “page not found” when you visit the URL.

If the files are on the server in the path you’re trying to access, then you would at least get error from Piwik. What you describe seems like a server-side issue.

What if you access http://your_domain.com/your_piwik_path/piwik.php or /piwik.js? Does it load?