Piwik generates lots of .wrt files in /tmp


i’ve noticed that piwik generates lots of randomly named .wrt files in the /tmp directory, without cleaning it up again. Therefore the /tmp is filled up with tens of thousends of these files, killing precious space and inodes.

Can someone explain what is causing the creation these .wrt files, if they can be removed safely and why piwik isn’t cleaning them up? I’ve noticed that the contents of these .wrt files contain a html snippet of a search form on our intranet (which is monitored by piwik) and some json/smarty alike code in the header.

Thanks in advance!

Correct. These are temporary files created by Smarty and normally are moved to their final location. If the .wrt files are persisting, then directory/file permissions are wrong and thus, not permitting the web server to complete the move.