Piwik Fresh Installation - Broken Images / Java Function on Bluehost Shared HostingX(

Hi folks

As my first post, I want to thank everyone who made piwik, as it’s an awesome idea to have your own data gathering and tracking system in place.
I’m a big believer in self-reliance and intelligence, and don’t really like the idea to share my data with third party corps, that hate any kind of link building and intelligent website building, like m00gl3.

To get to the point, I’ve recently installed piwik on my company site’s subdomain to www.analytics.companysite.tld/piwik .
My site is run on bluehost shared hosting, and I’m starting to realise my choice of hosting was not the best, but hey, I was a very fresh noob 2 months ago. Without revealing too much info, I think the server config satisfies piwik’s requirements.

Apache version 2.2.29
PHP version 5.4.38
MySQL version 5.5.42-37.1-log
Architecture x86_64
Operating system linux
Perl version 5.10.1
Kernel version

Don’t know much about servers yet, but I believe this should be fine. I know someone here on the forum stated that bluehost servers are slow, db-s are slow and overloaded, etc.

My installation went through with a couple of retries, but it worked out with mysql db and user. This is my first install bear in mind. Piwik install has its own db and user with all privileges, as instructed in the video under the download button. I used that one.

So the problems are displayed on the attached pictures.
[attachment 2233 piwik1.jpg]
[attachment 2234 PIWIK2.jpg]
[attachment 2235 PIWIK3.jpg]

These look like some server side java whatever errors, or the server is overloaded. No idea.

I already referred to this faq:

“To see where the error comes from, open your website in Firefox, right click on the broken image icon, and click on “View Image”. This should redirect you to the URL “yourwebsite.com and the error message should be showing.”

In short, I checked the world icon which is broken under the Dashboard/World Map . Opening that picture on its own url is fine.

“If the error message mentions MySQL, the error might come from a broken mysql instance or tables. Try to “repair” your MySQL tables (using phpMyAdmin for example).”

The error message didn’t return a mysql error, the database is fine and fresh according to cpanel.

I’ve got no idea who to turn to, and I want to build a network of websites using piwik and a method to cover my “tracking” tracks. But I can’t proceed until I get this sorted. Any help would be appreciated.

Okay, I managed the image issue. I’ve had no fkn idea what caused it! Guess what! Stupid hotlink protection! I’ve got a test client management system installed, and that was having the same issue. Not displaying images properly.


Still, the java thingy doesn’t work on the website management panel

Bluehost is awesome. I spoke with tech support. They couldn’t do much, so they’ve summoned “an upper level techncian”. Final answer was that due to the nature of java, it is not allowed on shared hosting and I will need a vps/server. Thank you bluehost, really appreciated

How nice