Piwik forums: "Report post" button disappeared?

Unfortunately, the Piwik forums do seem to attract quite a lot of spam posts. :frowning:

Whenever I visit the forums, if I see any spam posts (sadly, I usually see at least one), I usually report them, so that they can be removed, but it seems that after a recent change the “Report post” button is no longer present?

How should we report spam posts now? In particular, there seems to be a user (possibly a bot) who has signed up very recently and has already posted over a dozen posts, the main purpose of which appear to be to spam a (possibly dodgy) web link. Although some of the user’s posts contain some small amount of vaguely-relevant content, I have a feeling that either they are automated Eliza-like responses to earlier comments, or, if human-written, are still primarily posted just to spam their web link.

I looked in the forum Control Center to see if there was a “Contact forum admins” link, but could not find one. I looked in the “Private Messages” section and there are a lot of usernames listed which either appear to be spammers or spambots (users with odd ‘auto-generated-sounding’ names) and also usernames which are either URIs or attempted XSS injection code.

Possibly there needs to be a removal of bogus forum users and/or an update or hardening of the forum software (if someone has the time, of course - I’m afraid I don’t have the spare time to volunteer to help)?

Thanks, as ever, to everybody who helps contribute towards Piwik and to offering advice in the forums.

Thanks for feedback. we are looking for regular forum users to help with administrate spam on the forums! if you can please get in touch