Piwik for prestashop

Hi, I want to integrate piwik to prestashop. Do you know what file in prestashop should I edit and where put the code. Thank you.

There is a free module for presta. It’s all german, but that shouldn’t be a problem you can only put in the location of your piwik installation.

v0.4 works finde with presta 1.3 and above.


Hi, I have the free module for prestashop and have been trying very hard to get it to work! In the back office, settings of the piwik module there are only two settings ID and path the first thing is i am not sure what my piwik ID is? in the module it asks for a number but when i look a my piwik BO i find none! so for the last year i have just let it sit there not collecting any data and from time to time i try and figure the problem with NO results! Any help with this would be great thanks

My Goal:
To track my prestashop pages

My Store - piwik is active:

Alla you have to do is to edit footer.tpl of your current theme, insert piwik’s tracking code, save it and it should work.

I have tried this and it does not! I also tried adding the {literal} tags and nothing! The other thing is for some reason piwik doesn’t feel like tracking my pages sometimes?? For example I also use it for basic html pages and wordpress now i see that when people visit my site most of my visitors come from google and find there way to a blog page of mine and sometimes I’ll check what page they were looking at and then i’ll see the page i just ooked at show up then other times when i do that it does not show up!
All i want it for all my pages to be tracked and it seems like sometimes it just doesn’t feel like tracking them. Any thoughts?

Strange, I don’t have any problem for tracking with this method.

Edit: I forgot, the script was insterted between {literal}{\literal} and between and (i.e the last thing in the code)

Got it to work but its a little slow! I used the image tracking code insteade and added it to bottom of footer and it finally started tracking those pages.

oh! and by the way that free module doesn’t work I have had it installed and it never once tracked a page. Maybe i’ll build a module that works with piwik?

Any Polish soultion?


We developed a module for Prestashop to integrate Piwik solution.

This module is translated into five languages ​​and keeps track of baskets, orders and conversion rates.
It is compatible with versions 1.3 and 1.4 of Prestashop.
This is a module fee, but low cost.

It is available at the following address :


Great news! Agence web Cibles.fr, is there possibility of releasing the plugin for free in exchange of a donation to you? we really like to support free software / open source extensions, it would be great. can you please contact me at matt@piwik.org (en francais OK!) si vous etes interesses ?

Please try out this plugin and let us know how it’s working for you!


thank you very much for the contribution!

I am new to Piwik and want to ask if I can run Piwik on my site by adding the tracking script to my footer.tpl by myown.
And moreover, what is excactly the pupose of the module? Does it the same as what I just asked? Does it integrate the script in the footer.tpl or whereever?
Does it provide more data or more readable one?
So, I can add the tracking script myself and additonally install and activate your module in Prestashop?