Piwik for location specific kiosk


I’m trying to evaluate piwik for getting analytics on multiple kiosks.
I would like to track events and locations
my locations are in grouping, stat/city/site/location and events have about 4 parameters.

I am wondering how to effectively structure the data in piwik, so that I can get information across a single location, or an entire city. and get event counts grouped by type in various time increments such as yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and weekly, daily, hourly averaged across a time-span

To achieve this, is it better to use the events as urls and location as custom variable, or vice verse? Are there any other options for this?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

To track location, use the existing Location parameters, see the API reference: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3


— An override value for the country. Should be set to the two letter country code of the visitor (lowercase), eg fr, de, us.


— An override value for the region. Should be set to the two letter region code as defined by MaxMind's GeoIP databases. See here for a list of them for every country (the region codes are located in the second column, to the left of the region name and to the right of the country code).


— An override value for the city. The name of the city the visitor is located in, eg, Tokyo.


— An override value for the visitor's latitude, eg 22.456.


— An override value for the visitor's longitude, eg 22.456.


Thanks for the response Matt

I need about 5 fields for location, and other than city, they all need to handle custom text.

Is there another set of values I can use to set up a tree structure for grouping the data? Maybe location information might work better as url and the events and related data as custom fields. I realize this is not the intended use of piwik, but I thought I might be able to use it in this case, rather than re-inventing the wheel for a marginally different use.

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Can you explain what you’re trying to achieve?


I think in simplest form, I want events to have three kinds of data

  • by date (hour,day,week,month,year)
  • by event data (event type,event sub-type, event argument, event id)
  • by location (country/region/city/site/terminal, where each item is string, instead of a lat/lon pair)

all three data items would act as cascading lists, allowing user to count, for example, how many times a category was looked up across all kiosks at a site week-by-week.

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Maybe Event Tracking would do the trick for you? Event Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo