Piwik for Email Server


I would really like to see piwik for monitoring postfix logs, like a real time grap of how many mails sent, received deffered etc.

I searched but I could not find any such feature let me know if there is any?

Not possible yet, but this could be done using The log analytics script, with a bit of magic… https://github.com/piwik/piwik/tree/master/misc/log-analytics#piwik-server-log-analytics-import-your-server-logs-in-piwik

Thanks for the reply Matt, will check it out.

Any reason though why piwik is not developing stats for email servers?

Coz as a webmaster I would really like to know if my users receive mails or not which is very important even from an ecommerce point of view.

I would be happy to help develop this feature if I any developers are interested

Depending on how you track your email, you could do something similar to how Piwik already works. Host an image on your domain and include that in your email (transparent gif or png) and then use Piwik to report the hits to those files. This will tell you how many times someone has opened your email, and then of course if you have any links in your email to pages you can cross-reference those from regular web viewing reports.