Piwik excludes my ip and agent from visitor log


Hello there,

I use PIWIK in order to track 10 different Websites. I am SUPER USER and Administrator of them all.
In order to get some insight to what people have been searching, I experimented and started making queries myself.
I usually log in PIWIK using Chromium on an Ubuntu Machine.

Whenever I access one of my websites using the same configuration, nothing is ever tracked!!
Using any other browser with which i haven’t logged in PIWIK, allows tracking and my machine appears in the visitors log
My Personal Settings page says:

Your visits are not ignored by Piwik (the Piwik ignore cookie was not found in your browser).

Nowhere else in the settings does my ip appear as excluded.

Any ideas?
My current PIWIKI Version is 2.13.1

Thanks in advance!


If Piwik has been configured to honour the “Do Not Track” privacy option in your browser, and if your browser has been configured with this option set, Piwik won’t record your activity.


Canajun2eh, that seems to be the case.
I didn’t know that Chromium had this option set by default!
You saved me a lot of time and frustration.

Thank you very much.