Piwik + email campaign



I’d like to track what links are clicked in our email campaign. I’ve added the necessary parameters to the URLs in the email and the first click through from the email is logged correctly. However, subsequent clicks through are not logged.

While trying to figure out the issue I came across the Piwik toubleshooting where is states:

Is there any option to change this behaviour as it makes the campaign feature pretty useless. Or am I missing something?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

The campaign is only tracked once, this is by design and cannot be changed easily.

(jOoL) #3

I use MailChimp as emailing tool, which provides such stats on campaigns sent.

A possible solution would be to integrate Piwik to MailChimp as it is allready done with GGAnalytics.

I posted this suggestion allready here: 301 Moved Permanently