Piwik dumb rest



I have a nextcloud server (nextcloud v11) with the url https://nexcloud.mydomain.com.

I installed piwik on the same server as nagios and it have the url http://nagios.mydomain.lan/piwik/

On my nexcloud server i had installed the plugin piwik tracking (ID: 1 and piwik url: //http://nagios.mydomain.lan/piwik/)

nextcloud server can communicate without any problem with piwik server (ping and route ok)

But the problem is that i have no informations coming from my nexcloud server in my piwik server


I have a dokuwiki server with the url https://wiki.mydomain.com

I installed the plugin piwik2, copy and paste the tracking code in the right plugin section, and also the piwik server remains dumb

I don’t understand why piwik don’t track my websites

Need help

Thank you


Is mydomain.lan just a placeholder or does this servers domain only resolve inside of your network? If the latter then the issue is that your visitors aren’t inside that network and therefore can’t send their data to mydomain.lan


all of my servers are inside my local network.

visitors go to my local web server via the url https://nextcloud.mydomain.com which also have the local url https://nextcloud.mydomain.lan, but of course external visitor only know the url https://nextcloud.mydomain.com

https://nextcloud.mydomain.com and https://nextcloud.mydomain.lan know who is http://nagios.mydomain.lan/piwik/ and http://ip_of_server/piwik/

same thing for https://wiki.mydomain.com

I must create the server with url http://nagios.mydomain.com/piwik/ ? I don’t want to do that, i don’t want give a .com to a my piwik server.


When your Piwik server isn’t publicly accessible, you can’t use it’s domain in the piwik tracking code.
You can try to circumvent this with the proxy script (GitHub - piwik/tracker-proxy: HTTP proxy for Piwik’s tracker API. This script allows to track websites with Piwik without revealing to your visitors the secret Piwik server URL.) which forwards the requests to Piwik or by using Log Analytics instead of the Javascript tracker.

But the easiest way would still be making Piwik publicly reachable.

Ok thank you

I 'll go try to solve the problem with tracker-proxy, if it don’t work, i’ll give up piwik server