Piwik download tracking

Hey 2 issues if any users out there can maybe take a look at:

I have installed piwik and the tracking code into the site and it seems to track visitors find and logs browser versions, etc but the outlink/download tracking is not functioning

All of the links is formatted like:

java script:onclick=showSomething()

I have tried both keeping the script the same as well as used class tracking

(however, in class tracking i have changed piwik.js to look for class=itemBlackBold instead of class=piwik_download because I cannot change the actual page itself in terms of adding classes to every single link but every link does indeed have that itemBlackBold class and figured it would function the same)

no data is shown on the dashboard but I do think possibly it is getting logged in the db (not sure the exact records)

Issue 2:

In the dashboard under the actions/pages section the label piwik is present with the links associated with each click (coreHome, CorePlugins ,etc) … should this label be here? or why is it here under the dashboard view when it has nothing to do with the actual site I am tracking?

Thanks for any possible help,


Ive reinstalled everything and added the same site with a new siteID with the code and seems everything is working now. Strange but I guess the issue is fixed