Piwik don´t register all visits


I Noted following problen on installation of piwik:

The problem is that not all visit are registered by piwik system.

I can assert it because separately I´m registering in parallel on server site the all Post request that are received on server, with the all related url and IP address.

And it is confirmed by Google analytics that is registering the same as my Server site.

The web piwik system run under IIS 7.5 server in a separate domain analytics.domain.com and under https:// so https://analytics.domain.com:444/piwik/index.php

I needed to do it, with one other port, because the principal site run under https.

Somebody can give to me some tips where go to check ?

Many thanks in advance



i think that piwik 2.7.0 is NOT registering many mobile visits… though some are… case: i open my site with a chrome mobile (javascript and all that activated) and no visit is recorded, nothing… on the same page i request the desktop version and instantly piwik records the pageview…

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Check that you have DoNotTrack disabled in Settings>Privacy
then try again?

can you reproduce a bug?


Dear Matt

I cannot reproduce the bug because there is no error to reproduce.

I retrieved this behavior because I register from server side the all post that server receive and I noted a discrepancy between piwik and mine.

Now I modified setting like your suggestion and we´ll see the difference.

I will update when I will have more data.