Piwik doesn't seem to be collecting all visitor data

I am a first time Piwik user, just installed Piwik 0.4 on OpenBSD 4.5. Trouble is it doesn’t seem to be collecting all user data. I have inserted the javascript into an include file on a relatively high-traffic site, but so far I only see 4 unique visitors - all me (from 4 different locations). I have checked the website logs and seen other visitors hitting pages that have the javascript code, but I do not see them in the Piwik results. What could account for this? If there’s additional info that would help, let me know. Thanks.

Look in your logs to see if piwik.js is being requested by those visitors. You want to rule out any bots or javscript-disabled users.

Then look for piwik.php requests from the tracker.

Look in your log_visits table.

And make sure you’re looking at the right day on your dashboard.

I’m certain I’m looking at the right day because it’s only been running today. I looked in the access log of the site running Piwik and I only see requests for piwik.js from the 3 different test machines I used myself - no requests from anybody else. The likelihood of every other user hitting the site being tracked having javascript disabled is extremely low just because of the sheer number of visitors, as well as the fact the site would be basically unusable without javascript enabled. The piwik-log-visit table only has data for my three test machines - nobody else.

It’s very strange because if I check the tracked website’s logs I can find a page that was hit, but there is no record in Piwik. Then if I hit that page myself, view the source to confirm the javascript is there, then go back to Piwik, my hit shows up. Same page being hit, but the outside user’s data was not captured - only my own. Something definitely isn’t right - the tracked site gets hundreds of hits an hour and Piwik claims it’s only been hit 6 times since 3:00pm, and only by me.

It’s amazing what walking away for a few hours can do. Turned out to be a firewall issue. Once I allowed port 80 through to the machine running Piwik, everything fell into place. Of course, all my machines have full access to machines on my network, which is why it worked for me (and only me).