Piwik does not track visits with Internet Explorer 10


We are experiencing a strange problem that I hope you can be kind and help us with;
No visits or visitors using IE 10 (Internet Explorer 10) are tracked.
It works fine with IE 8 but we get no statistics from IE 10. We use the latest version of Piwik 2.3.0.

Our web developer has checked the web pages, tracking code etc and everything looks fine on the client side. We don’t get any error messages.
Is there some way to check the requests being sent to Piwik on the server side? Is there some Piwik log we can check?

Could you please help us? We’ll be very grateful for any hints as we really do not know where to look next.

Best grateful regards,

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Thanks for the report. I havent heard other users report this, but it may still be a bug! Yes, you can troubleshoot piwik and debug the tracking requests. Please see: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

There will be a similar tool for IE10 so maybe it helps? if there is a bug in piwik of course we really want to get it fixed :slight_smile:


Hi again!
We think we have found the problem. When we use IE 10 in compatibility mode no statistics are registered.
The HTTP_USER_AGENT seems to be the problem as it does not show IE 10 or any other version in compatibility mode.

Have you heard of anything like this before?
Any idea of what we can do to solve this?

I’m grateful for any hints! Thanks for your help!

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

I haven’t heard this problem yet. can you reproduce on other computers? when you remove compaibility mode then does it start tracking?


Yes we can reproduce the problem and the solution on other computers.
Yes, when the compatibility mode is turned off, the statistics starts registering. I can see IE 10 instantly in the widget showing visits in real time.

It’s a strange problem and I don’t know how we can avoid it.

I don’t know if it can be helpful but the setting in IE 10 is to use the compatibility mode on our intranet webpages. Maybe that’s why you haven’t heard of it before.


We are also having this same issue.

We are currently using Piwik 2.3.0 and noticed that IE10 browsers with Compatibility mode turned on is not tracking.
Debug tools in IE are not real helpful, but it appears that the tracking request is being submitted.

If we turn off Compatibility mode on the same browser it gets tracked as expected.


Did further testing on several other machines.
These had IE 11, worked fine until started simulating compatibility mode by playing with the “Document mode” and “User agent string” options in the debug tool.
Mostly when User agent string is below the Document mode, the tracker is not working. For example: Document mode “Edge” and User agent string “IE 8” or “10” and “IE 9” respectively.

Any ideas on this problem?
Would moving to 2.4.0 help?

(Matthieu Aubry) #8

@ssmilie can you please try with Piwik 2.4.0? If you still have the issue with this version please let me know as we would like to investigate this for sure!


Did some experimentation,I think I have figured out the cause.
It appears that IE 10, when in compatibility mode, turns on the “Tracking Protection” even if you have it off on the browser settings.
Thus when you switch to Compatibility the Piwik Tracker stops tracking.

So we set Piwik to ignore the Browser Tracker setting and the problem went away. Not sure what our long term plan will be. Will we leave Piwik at that setting or just live without tracking on IE 10 Compatibility mode. Neither is a good solution.

Need to test with IE 11 to prove that is the same case, but I expect it is.

(Matthieu Aubry) #10

This bug may be fixed in 2.4.1 can you try again?


Could you please tell us more about how you set Piwik to ignore the Browser Tracking setting?
It would be interesting to learn what you did.


Settings, then the Privacy page, look for the “Support Do Not Track preference” section


Thanks a lot! I found it!


I can confirm that changing the privacy setting works for us as well. But I don’t think it is nice to override our users privacy settings :frowning:
It is not a good solution as you wrote before. I guess we will have to wait for a bug fix in 2.4.1.


Hi again!
We have installed 2.4.1 and now it works! Fantastic!
Thanks for all your help and input!

Best regards,

(Matthieu Aubry) #16

thanks for the reports, it helps improve Piwik as we wouldn’t detect this ourselves since we don’t always test everything as well on IE. Cheers


:slight_smile: I will keep on testing and reporting to you when I detect anything strange.


We have the same problem. The visits from IE 10 are not tracked and the visits of IE 11 are partially missing.
Do you have any solution?

Thank you very much in advance,

Internet explorer tracking request aborted

We got it to work when we updated Piwik so now we don’t experience any problems.