Piwik does not count Firefox

Good morning forum

I found a strange problem: If I access my websites with Firefox, I do not get counted in Piwik. Searching in forums, Google etc. gave me the hint to disable plugins, clear cookies and cache, wich I did, without success.

The problem can be reproduced, it only occurs with Firefox on different computers (FF 13 on Windows 7, FF 9 on OpenBSD). Opera, IE, Chrome and even Midori get counted normally.
I think, this problem did not exist prior to the update to Piwik 1.8.2, but I do not have an older Piwik installed to verify this.

I would be thankful for hints

Maybe you enabled Do Not Track in Firefox?

No, Do Not Track is deactivated in Firefox.

Same problem here.

Do not track is deactivated, javascript is enabled and Firefox users are not tracked properly.

I don’t have exclude my visits with cookies in Piwik.

I’ve tried even with the image tracker and no sucess at all. (?rec=1, without noscript code, use DOM to generate the image track).

Any ideas?

Not all visits with Firefox remain uncounted, there are some Firefoxes in the Logs. But I did not find a pattern yet.

In my case are Firefox users with NoScript.
Even if They have allowed javascript and added the site to the whitelist and still no counting in piwik.

Uninstalling noscript It works. But with other scripts works well. I tested with GA, Adsense and others…

I tested the asychronous code as well and don’t work.

Thank you for the update. This fits to my setting as I have NoScript, but allowed all scripts for testing. Might be a NoScript-bug.

Yes but noscript is the 6th plugin more popular with +2M downloads. The most users allowed the site but still no counting and the statistic is distorted.

Anyone has noticed that?

Thanks in advance.

i guess everything is ok - counting FF well =)

Perhaps this might be of help guys - 301 Moved Permanently

Yes mahdi1234 I try with this code but there is not error It’s like the javascript code of Piwik is not processed with noscript although the site has javascript allowed.

I will try more tests.

Even so Piwik is amazing, thanks to all who made it possible.

I stumbled upon the same problem. I did some logging and saw that it actually runs the JavaScript and sends the data to the piwik installation. BUT NoScript sends the DoNotTrack header as a standard, no matter what you configured in firefox. Therefore Piwik doesn’t log anything.
If it’s only for testing you might go to


and globally disable that function for NoScript

noscript.doNotTrack.enabled = false

or set some exceptions

noscript.doNotTrack.exceptions = yourdomain.com yourseconddomain.org ...

Thank you pepe82 you find the problem. I test with donottrack support deactivated and yes It works!

Maybe could We try an exception to the donottrack for noscript users?

matt, What do you think?

What could we do to work around this problem? Is the problem that with Noscript, even if DNT is disabled, it does not track requests?

Yes, if the user has donottrack (in Firefox) deactivated but noscript plugin active (even with the site added to the whitelist), Noscript send the DoNotTrack header anyway. Then Piwik doesn’t log the user.

But if We deactivated the DoNotTrack support in Piwik the user is counted properly.

I’m quite sure that there is no proper way to detect a noscript user. Therefore there is no way to implement different behaviour for these clients.
On the other hand I believe that the majority of users is not using NoScript because it’s inconvenient (I do use it but think of myself as a minority in that respect).

Anyway, I disabled DNT in piwik for the moment to check what the difference might be. I also think that this still fits the purpose of DNT as I do not track outside my website, do not use it for any sort of targeting and anonymize the users.

The EFF blogged about that topic and it helped me alot making my decisions.

Thank’s for share that link pepe82. I’m testing logs with DNT shutting down on Piwik too.

In a couple of days I’ll share the numbers here.

I got around a 10% of increase on Firefox users logs with DNT deactivated but I don’t know if It would be for the DNT or for noscript error.

I have same problem after updating Piwik.

Piwik do not track Firefox users (test with Firefox 10 without extensions).

Do you have any javascript error in firefox ?