Piwik Directory Structure Question

I’ve installed Piwik and I have been generating a bunch of data (wonderful script indeed) however I have a question that has been bothering me since I’ve installed it.

Under Website Management

ID Name URL’s
1 www.xxxxx.com xxxxx.com//pwk

Also, the report to load by default http://www.xxxxx.com

The javascript code I pasted shows the URL of http://www.xxxxx.com//pwk
Please note I did not want my directory named piwik or stats so I named it pwk

My question is why is there 2 //
Can someone explain to me if //pwk is correct?

What makes me question this
When it comes to the SEO plugin that is active
I know my website has a decent page rank, and well over 1,000 back-links to my site on Google, and the other SE’s, but when I load the SEO widget I placed on the dashboard of Piwik it is not picking up all stats.
It states PR 0/10
Black-links from Google 0, Yahoo 0, and blah blah.
It only picks up the Alexa rank.

Yes, I’ve personally already checked within my webmaster tools, my own searches, and the Google forum (asked a top contributor to check into it for me) and everything is fine with my website when it comes to the Search Engines (have not been removed or pulled from the SERP’s or anything like that)

Any tips you can provide is appreciated.

UPDATE: I added my main URL http://www.xxxxx.com in the SEO URL box to rank and at that time it DID come up with the correct information. I am not sure if I made a mistake when I installed Piwik, but it does generate what looks accurate for http://www.xxxxx.com//pwk but under SEO it does not. I would like to get this all fixed before I get in too deep with the stats as I only started using it on July 3, 2011

Create a ticket in trac. Looks like we need to strip off the path when querying those services.

Thank you Anthon. I’ve submitted to trac.

After submitting the trac ticket I had a few questions regarding the reply. In a later follow up with Anthon it was said that they are not sure where I am seeing the //pwk so I have posted a screen shot. Please note pwk is the directory I made for the installation. To avoid confusion I did add my website twice under the website management section, and the reason I did this was to see which one was actually collecting data. ID 3 does NOT have the //pwk. ID 1 does have the //pwk.

I found that ID 3 was NOT collecting main stats data, but it was collecting SEO stats for the SEO widget! I’ve since deleted ID 3 from the websites list because it was NOT collecting any other stat data. I would have to put it back if I wanted the SEO widget to work. I am not sure if this is causing issues with other widgets.

What I need to know is this normal for // or not? If this is an error can you please instruct me on what I should do to fix this.