Piwik_DataTable_Filter_Limit could not be autoloaded

(eugen723674) #1


I just updated (manually as always) from a 100% working 0.4.4 to the new 0.4.5 and now i get those errors on most widgets:

“Piwik_DataTable_Filter_Limit could not be autoloaded.”

Permissions should be ok i think and config.ini is the same from the working 0.4.4. So whats the problem?

I even set the datatable limit at the config.ini to:
datatable_default_limit = 25
which worked fine last three versions.

Help, thanks!

(vipsoft) #2

Does core/DataTable/Filter/Limit.php exist? Is it readable? Is it complete?

(eugen723674) #3

Hi Vipsoft…

Limit.php exists but were empty!
I uploaded it again and now its working fine again - thanks for your help!

But thats kinda weird!
As i do not trust the automated update i ALWAYS update manually.
I do it this way:

  1. i download latest.zip
  2. i delete my COMPLETE piwik installation, expect config.ini!
  3. i upload 100% of the latest piwik to the server using latest filezilla.

So i am wondering why my Limits.php exists but were empty … mhhhhh.