Piwik Data Capabilities

I am currently using Google analytics to track weekly user level statistics and usage on a web site. GA will only let me see 3 users at a time and I have to jump all around their site to find the info I need so this is very time consuming. I am currently only tracking 60 users so right now it’s manageable but soon will need to track hundereds every week and doing this manually will not be feasible. I am looking for an application that will give me access to the raw data that GA uses to produce its summary data so that I can pull whatever statistics and usage data I want, and summarize the data however I want.

Does Piwik do that and if so, how difficult is it to do? From the description, it seems like it would meet my needs by putting the raw data in an SQL database. If that’s true, how hard is it to accomplish that? I am a statistician with experience in data mining through SQL and SAS, not so much in writing HTML or Java script or other types of hard core programming, so I need something that will easily put the raw data into SQL and I can deal with it from there.

Any input/clarification/perspective on Piwik’s capabilities is appreciated. Thanks.

The “raw” (subject to some input filtering) data and summarized stats (archives) are stored in the Piwik database. However, the reports are pre-canned.

you can see an (outdated, but still useful) overview of the DB schema at: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/wiki/DatabaseSchema