Piwik Dashboard doesn't work with Safari or Chrome

Since the beginning of my use of Piwik I cannot use Safari (on Mac) to log in the dashboard. After putting in username and password I got an error: kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork:303
Any idea?

And even more: With older versions of Safari the same problem occurs with the counter-image of Piwik. I never really found the reason, but commented out the line (ca. 270)
Piwik_Common::runScheduledTasks($now = $this->getCurrentTimestamp());
in core/Tracker.php

that’s really surprising. Do you have the same problem on demo.piwik.org ? which OS and version of safari ? can you please take a screenshot of error? thx

demo.piwik.org doesn’t show the error I mentioned, so it seems to be a special problem of my configuration :frowning:

I always used the newest version of Safari and Mac OS, currently MacOS X 10.8 with Safari 6.0.1.I attached a screenshot of the error in Safari.

With Chrome it doesn’t work, too. Chrome does not display the page, although loaded it, but then there seems to be a redirect-loop. I attached an screenshot of the network output

Yes, check your web server error logs.

also it shows a REDIRECT so make sure the URL you are accessing piwik is correct and doe snot need redirect ?

The URL is correct - the same works with Firefox. Anyway, if nobody else has a comparable problem I will still use Firefox and hope that the problem disappears maybe while upgrading my current php version on my server.