Piwik counting/not counting admin visits

(JPA) #1

I have Piwik on 2 websites, I noticed that my visits to my website/wordpress blog (as an admin) were counted, but only in one of the piwi reports/website. In the other one I was not counted as a visitor, and now I don’t remember if I did or changed something on the settings on one of the blogs, or if the visits were just a result of me visiting the website while not being logged in (just a thought).

(vipsoft) #2

Planned for 0.5.5.


Is it a Dotclear blog ?

I recently setup a dotclear blog to use my Piwik install.
It work by installing a dotclear add-on and giving it the Piwik data.
The config page will let you choose wich site among all currently availables sites or define a new one.
On the config page you have the option to exclude yourself (by IP).
This is done by the Dotclear add-on, not Piwik.

But if your blog isn’t a Dotclear…

EDIT : OOPS! I must have read your post too rapidly. You’re using Wordpress. But, maybe a Wordpress add-on in that case ?

(slash30) #4

Yep there’s a checkbox on the plugin in Wordpress to count/not count admin visits.