Piwik Counter

Hallo, I have created a piwik counter:

but the load is very slow. My database has 104MB??

What can I do. Normal the webside load is ok.


Are you generating reports via CRON as outlined in:

Try that!


I have testet it now several times and if I comment out the whole user then it´s very fast, I think its the database query that takes so long.

If I use for example instead range --> year and use 2009 which is already archived, than its 14 seconds loadingtime.

Do anybody have an idea on how to get the values of all users faster, or is there on any position in the database the whole users saved which are clicked on my page?

Maybe I could write a script which I use per cronjob which counts the whole values for example all 10 minites or so and write this in an extra database, but this is not the best solution.

I also create the scirpt for this side her:

It also takes 2,4 seconds


Piwik does not cache the requests, but indeed we could add a memcache layer or file based cache.

Currently the best way is to cache the result of Piwik in a text file, and load this cached file. in the future, Piwik will do this in the core, but not yet!

Ok thx, thats also my opinion to solve the problem. thx

Hi I have createt a counter modul for joomla 1.5.

You can download it here: