Piwik Contents Do Not Render Properly in Firefox

I just finished uninstalling Piwik due to some kind of corruption on my host’s servers. My new Piwik site renders fine (for now) in IE and Chrome. However, the attachment shows what Piwik looks like on Firefox. (When this happened before, IE and Chrome eventually began rendering improperly, too.) Any ideas what I am doing wrong.

There is the ‘p’ letter missing in CSS definition:

@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/less/_colors.less”;
@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/less/_variables.less”;
@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/general/_default.less”;
@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/general/_utils.less”;
@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/general/_form.less”;
@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/general/_jqueryUI.less”;
@import “lugins/Zeitgeist/stylesheets/general/_misc.less”;

It looks like another Piwik update is required.