Piwik causes heavy server load

I was activating the Wordpress Theme “Division” on a wordpress installation that had the wp-piwik plugin installed.
After activating the theme, when the piwik plugin wanted to track a visit it was sending hundreds of requests in 2 seconds which led to problems with the server performance and stability.
The server log entries in that time look all the same:
“GET /piwik/?module=API&method=SitesManager.getJavascriptTag&idSite=1&period=&date=&filter_limit=&token_auth=XXXXXXX&expanded=&format=PHP&url=http%3A%2F%2FMYURL HTTP/1.1” 500 251 “-” “-”

(I replaced the auth code and URL for security reasons…)

I had the latest Piwik Installation and WP-piwik running.

My question is how can it come that the plugin was sending hundreds requests and if there are known problems with the wordpress theme “division”.

There may be a problem that this theme calls a function too much on the code of each page, which triggers some WP-Piwik hooks as well. Not sure though, would need to code review their code to see what they do!

just to give a follow up: with deleting the wp-piwik plugin and writing the tracking code into the custom script section provided was solving the issue.
Thanks though.