Piwik can't collect (stable) data

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i’m little sad after spending hours and hours – i’ve set up two different domains/websites now and only one is (partially) working?
domain 1: i can see data in „year“-view only? „weeks“ and „day“ shows „no data“ …
domain 2: is’nt generating data at all in piwik, although i can see the piwik-script in source-code and caching is deactivated: http://www.bilderberger.de.
i’ve tested different places for this code-lines, too …
is there a delay in tracking users?

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Check php.ini has been configured with your local timezone.

… yes, it is! i’ve found this topic in the forum. i can also see traffic in phpmyadmin for all domains. but only one domain is displaying (only in „year“) visitors?!

I’m seeing a really long page load time for your one site. The culprit appears to be your woopra tracking code. … taking about 30 seconds to resolve the domain name, load, and execute.

If visitors aren’t patient, they’ll leave the page before the tracker code loads & executes.

My suggestion would be to move your Piwik code before the Woopra code.

i tested the woopra-code just for better comparison and testing. you’re right, it’s very slow. so i removed these lines, but it does’nt help my piwik-installation.

What do you have in the piwik_site table?

SELECT * from piwik_site;

oh no, i have to go back to mint – now the last entry in phpmyadmin/ piwik_log_visit is dated to 9:57am, while the last one, some minutes ago, is dated to 3:54pm! :frowning:

a proper list of my three domains.
e.g. http://www.bilderberger.de (tested without „www" also)

[quote=vipsoft @ Feb 23 2009, 03:18 PM]What do you have in the piwik_site table?

SELECT * from piwik_site;

Are you using the right siteid in your tracking code)?

The gap in your stats could be related to visitors leaving your pages before the woopra code (and well before the piwik tracking code) loads, as I mentioned earlier.