Piwik behind Amazon ELB Elastic Load Balancer

We’ve got a super-high traffic site to track (millions of events per day)

Currently we’ve got a fleet of nano instances running php/nginx behind an ELB with an Aurora instance as the db. Mostly it’s fine but I’m noticing in the live realtime data that the visitor IP address is the IP of the load balancer.

ELB supports X-Forwarded-For as it should so I edited the config.ini.php file across the fleet to recognise

proxy_client_headers[] = HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR

However I’m still seeing the ‘wrong’ IP appear in realtime stats. Does anyone have any experience with ELB and Piwik?

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Hi! any luck with this? I’m using Piwik in a EC2 instance and now I want to replicate and move it behind an ELB balancer