Piwik bandwith usage


I’ve have just started trialing piwik and am considering using it for some of my clients.

I’m wondering if anybody has monitored how much bandwith piwik uses…

i know we should be able to calculate it by looking at the file sizes but am wondering if anybody else has done any such research

would be good for usefull for anybody using it that knows these figures to add their data below, please also give information about the number of pages and visitors you track for bench marking.

e.g (all data is fictional so please dont use in benchmarking, i will add data as i collect it as intend to install on a few of my own websites to benchmark)

How long been using: 1 year
Daily Visitors: 1000
Pages tracked per : 5000
Daily Bandwith usage: 10mb
Database space used: 150mb

Would be really cool to have an official article or thread dedicated to bench marking piwik.

perhaps an official benchmarking survey…

have noticed some threads have already been started benchmarking features and higher volume websites but a compilation of this data would be very usefull.

Piwik uses very little bandwitdh:

  • The piwik.js file is 8kb and downloaded once per visitor.
  • On each page view a 1*1 transparent pixel loads, which is 43 bytes.

So if you had a high traffic websites of 5 million pageviews/ 1 million unique visitors would be about 8Gb bandwitdth

Thanks Matt,

I knew it would be a simple calculation like that, information is much appreciated…

Still interested by other benchmarking and would be willing to provide further benchmarking data to the community when get things going

Anybody with any further bencmarking data, you info would be greatly appreciated.