Piwik as an iOS apps stat tracking system


I’m planning to use Piwik to track an iOS app usage (not a Webapp, a real iOS app).
Any tips / advice / success story to share with me about similar projects ?
I think about making dummy pages calls to URLs with params to track usage, what do you think about it ? Right or wrong way to go ? Some other way to investigate ?
Thanks for sharing ideas and thoughts about this. I’ve no time to make some iOS framework right now, but would be glad to contribute if someone is interested in it. drop me a tweet @bigpapoo or leave a reply if you have some interest in it.

Piwik Mobile team has just implemented tracking of Piwik mobile app using Piwik… so yes it is possible and very powerful way of doing it. See the code in: Anonymous Tracking in Piwik Mobile · Issue #2529 · matomo-org/matomo-mobile-2 · GitHub

This is good news matt. I’m going to check this!

There is now a SDK for iOs tracking, check it out at GitHub - matomo-org/piwik-sdk-ios: Piwik iOS, tvOS and macOS SDK: a Piwik tracker written in Swift