Piwik and Wordpress 2.71


I use piwik on my homepage (currently under modifications) :

It works fine.

But I try to use it on my wifes’ blog. Unfortunatly, without success…

Here is the address :
Here is the real folder :

I’ve installed the wordpressplugin, and setup. It’s easy : you just have to give the id. 2 in her case.

In piwik config, I have to give the address. I tried the 2 addresses, without success…

Is there a point I forgot ?

Thanks for any help !!! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Can you please put the Piwik Code back into the nini-site? Then we can check if there is something wrong.

I have a similar setup, but I don´t use any wordpress plugin for tracking. Maybe you can check the source-code of my sites:

Find my Piwik settings[attachment=52:sites.gif] in the attached picture.


In fact, I did not touch her site. It seems that the plugin doesn’t add the Piwik code…

I wonder if I wouldn’t have better to add it manually in footer.php in the theme, instead of using the wordpress plugin…

any help ?


The theme is probably missing the call to wp_footer(); in the footer, which will prevent plugins that need to add code to the site footer from adding to it. (if the function doesn’t exist, there’s nowhere to put the code.)

Put the Piwik code in footer.php in your theme, this is working for me.

You win !!!

wp_footer() is missing in all theme files…

I’m trying to compare with an original WP theme, to add it

Thanks !!!

EDIT : I just aded <?php wp_footer(); ?> in footer.php and now the piwik code appears !!! It’s now all ok style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif