Piwik and server overload

I’m on shared hosting and i installed piwik, everything is going fine until the server shut down. I’m a designer for a business, so this was very alarming. I did install piwik on the same database as the wordpress install but i don’t see why this would shut down the server, i couldn’t connect to mysql. Would installing piwik in a different mysql database solve the problem or is it simply the shared hosting server can’t manage?

The only thing i can think of what i did to cause this is editing “standalone.css” but that file can’t cause server to overload? I also changed “Report date to load by default” to “Last 7 Days”. I only installed yesterday.

My guess is piwik doesn’t close mysql connections.

I do have piwik installed on development website and on live website, which i just found out is on the same server. Is there a setting so piwik is “lightweight”?

Hi there,

please consider setting up archiving: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo