I just opend the files of my Matomo installation and most files still have the text “PIWIK”.

Even though i constantly update to the latest version, should I reupload all files from a fresh download from the website?

If so, can I simply remove the program files (excluding the plugins) and reupload them? keeping the config file.



While Piwik was renamed to Matomo, it isn’t so easy to replace every “Piwik” with “Matomo” in the source code as this would break every tracking code, every plugin and would upset a lot of people.

Therefore the not user-facing changes will be made continuously and minor breaking changes are only in major releases (so Matomo 4)

If you think your local files are incorrect, you should check the integrity checker in the system check. It shows all files that differ from what they should be.

You can always do this, but it shouldn’t change anything in your case.

ok, thanks! than i step away from that step