Piwik and JavaScript Sidebar


i use piwik since some weeks ago. It works great. But yesterday i included a JavaScript sidebar in my pages. This one requires to set this link to open the bar:

If i click on this link the piwik script displays an error:

line 195:

if ( alias.substr(0, 2) == “*.” ) {

The line is in this function:

function _pk_is_site_hostname(_pk_hostname) {

If i remove the piwik script from my site the sidebar works great! I think piwik cant handle empty links? Can anybody patch it?

The SlideBar is this one:

You’ll want to update your copy of piwik.js. Older versions had a conflict with Prototype and Mootools.


i have updatet to 0.2.34 by downloading latest.zip

Now it works great! Thanks alot!