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I use Piwik stats for normal pages and OnlineStores but, piwik has not an Conversion Tracking.

pls add this to feature list :slight_smile:

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conversion tracking is called “Goals” in Piwik. See Piwik Goals for more information.

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[quote=collection23 @ Jan 28 2009, 07:29 AM]Gunah,

conversion tracking is called “Goals” in Piwik. See Piwik Goals for more information.[/quote]

Goals is a rather poor substitute for true ecommerce tracking. It is of limited value at best, and at worst can be completely misleading.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to think ecommerce tracking through more completely “out loud” so to speak, and come up with a better plan.


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Agree with David goals is not perfect but at least it gives some details.

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There’s a plugin proposal. http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/898

Any developers here?

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I know how to log custom data like Google Analytics:

  1. use piwikTracker.setCustomData in js tracking code (We can also use trackLink or trackGoal, but this will make a new visit)
  2. useful hook:Tracker.saveVisitorInformation.end, Tracker.knownVisitorInformation,Menu.add.
    3.maybe useful hook: template_js_import,template_css_import(maybe useful for showing data in dashboard)

But there is also a problem after get and write these data in database.
I want to show these data, but now we can not choose exact date range in piwik. I have seen “FAQ-Can I get reports for a custom date range?”, now I only want to add this function for ecommer plugins, are someone have any idea??

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How can I post some message in this ticket? Or how can I contact this developer?

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Now I can post message,it’s ok. I don’t know why I can not do it before:(

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looking forward to this =D