Piwik and Amazon AWS Aurora / RDS


I’ve setup piwik using Amazon AWS Aurora (mysql) as database. All appears to be working fine, but in the system check I notice the following issue:

Using LOAD DATA INFILE will greatly speed Matomo’s archiving process up. To make it available to Matomo, try updating your PHP & MySQL software and make sure your database user has the FILE privilege.
If your Matomo server tracks high traffic websites (eg. > 100,000 pages per month), we recommend to try fix this problem.
Error: LOAD DATA INFILE failed… Error was:
Try #1: LOAD DATA INFILE : SQLSTATE[28000]: Invalid authorization specification: 1045 Access denied for user ‘devdbadmin’@’%’ (using password: YES)[28000]
Troubleshooting: FAQ on matomo.org

Am I correct in assuming that this is really not a problem when dealing with an AWS RDS (Aurora) since one does not have a file level access on the RDS? I figure if one is loading data it have to be done another way when using an RDS such as LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE (to load a file from your local machine) or some other way.

Or is there a fix for this?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


I have no experience with AWS, but I think your interpretation is correct.
Matomo would be faster with LOAD DATA INFILE but as there is no way to use it on AWS, you’ll have to keep it that way.