Piwik / analytics glossary?

In recent discussions and Piwik Pro customer requests the need of a global, generic analytics glossary or even just a Piwik-specific glossary of terms has surfaced a few times.

There is an issue open about this, I was wondering what other Piwik users thought about it:

How would you implement this? What presentation / features would you like to see implemented in this?

Hi Fabian,

Thanks for suggestion. I did some work ont his today (thanks to your requests reminding me how useful this could be!)

Hi everyone,

Check out the new Analytics glossary of all commonly terms used in Piwik Analytics: http://glossary.piwik.org/

If you have any feedback please post in: a multilingual Glossary using Piwik translations, available from your "Help" page and glossary.piwik.org · Issue #6773 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub