Piwik analytics could be overridding the click events on links

(Wolfgang Gessl) #1

Hi I’m new to Piwik and it looks like I have a problem on my site after installing Piwik.
I have a FAQ’s section in my support on the site and the Faq’s are sliding open on click.
However this is not working anymore after the piwik install and I wonder if piwik is overriding the click events on links and not cascading the clicks properly to the previous event handler, and what I can do to fix this.
The page in question is: http://www.sdi-graphics.com/index.php?option=com_fss&view=faq&Itemid=120&catid=0
Any Help is appreciated.

(vipsoft) #2

yes, Piwik adds a click listener on links, but it doesn’t stop event bubbling/propagation

(vipsoft) #3

For your FAQ, piwik.js’ click handler is simply returning because the href invokes javascript.

(Wolfgang Gessl) #4

Thank you very match for your help.
This is just hard for me to figure out especially when the support from paid extensions pointing fingers.
I just don’t know to match about this so I think I have to start disabling thinks one by one to find the problem.
Thanks again