Piwik Analytics Academy

Hey Folks,

I just received an invite and joined Google’s Digitial Analyitcs Academy. This online course is free and will run for three weeks (https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/course).

Perhaps the piwik community can do the same thing? Perhaps using online course-ware like Moodle (https://moodle.org/) we could have our own training.

There is already a bunch of rich content in the forums and the blogs. This can easily be brought together by way of formal courses built in modules.

The Blogs, Videos, Tutorials and the Demo site can all be incorporated into the courses.

Based on the results of quizzes, tests and a final assesments PIWIK could offer basic certification.

Perhaps crowd funding could be used in part to kick off the first couple of modules and the community contributions can fill in the rest as Piwik evolves.

I am sure that the commercial partners for PIWIK already offer training. However, perhaps these trainers and vendors could leverage a common moodle platform. Of course each vendor or partner could develop a small module for free as a teaser and then offer Premium courses also. Part of the course fees for these premium courses can help fund future development.

The courses could be broken into two sections. One section for Developers to learn how to make plugins and learning the inner workings of core PIWIK code. The second, and potentially larger section would be for general users and administrators.

This is just a thought I had since as a PIWIK user I was drawn to Google’s Digital Analytics Academy.

If a couple of other people from the Piwik community join in on this course then we might walk away with some ideas of our own.


This is already in the planning. :wink: Stay tuned!

I think a small teaser Blog would be great. Just the high level? (:smiley:

Looking forward to any announcements

we are specifically working on the “Developer documentation” to make it easier for new developers to build plugins & artists to build themes.