Piwik 3: How to View Custom Dimensions for Events

I’m new to tracking events with custom dimensions and the documentation is either out of date, doesn’t address what I’m trying to do, or (more likely) I’m just confused.

I am trying to track a “filter” action on my pages. I want to track that the user is filtering, what they are filtering to, what type of content they are filtering, and which group and subgroup within that content type they are filtering on.

I set up my event tracking as follows:

  • Category: Content type (ex. article, images, etc.)
  • Event/Action: “Filter Applied”
  • Name: Field being filtered (ex. year, size, etc.)
  • Value: “1”
  • Custom Dimension 1: Group (ex. Sales, Logistics, etc.)
  • Custom Dimension 2: Subgroup (ex. Annual Sales, Regional Sales, etc.)
  • Custom Dimension 3: Filter value (ex. 2017, Large, etc.)

I’m using the following javascript to do the tracking:
_paq.push(['trackEvent', category, action, name, value, {dimension1: group, dimension2: subgroup, dimension3: filtervalue}])

I’m seeing the events come in from my site, but I’m only able to see category, action, and name in the actions->events menu on the side. How do I get to the extra information in the custom dimensions? Or am I completely off-base on how this should be set up?

Hi @morr

Could you please create a ticket in our tracker here: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub

as currently what you’re trying to achieve is not yet easily do-able, but we will follow up there in the tracker with any information

Will do. However, is this something that was originally out of scope of custom dimensions on events, or is this a bug? I’m trying to understand if there’s a better use for custom dimensions with events.

I too am trying to do this. However, not too important to see it on the dashboard, but is there away to show this via reporting?

Also, have you got an update to your issue? did you find a work around?

What was the solution for this issue?

Any updates on this topic?
How can we view custom dimensions/ unique custom dimension count in event reports?