Piwik 3: Administration page is slow to open

I am finding that when I click on the Administration link it is taking a long time to open, with “Loading data…” appearing.

Although the previous version (v2) had the System Check feature, you had to click on it from the left had side menu to activate it (like now also). This still took a long time, which is ok, as it does all the checks, but at least you had done it when you wanted to.

Now it seems to run a “System Check” every time you click on the Administration link. At the top of the page, after a while, I get the “System Check” box with a message “There are no errors or warnings” along with the other message boxes.

When you want to do a quick change to a setting or report the whole process is slowed down.

Is there any way to stop this System Check occurring every time you click on the Administration link?

the system check there shouldn’t slow down the load of the page because it’s loaded in a widget. so while it’s loading you can click on other pages

Thanks for the reply.
However that’s not my experience. :confused:

If I click on the Administration icon in the top right hand corner the page loads with the menus down the left hand side and the right hand pane has the widgets with their “Loading data” animation.
If I now click on General Settings in the left hand side menu the “Loading data” animations stop but then nothing happens until the System Check completes (a long time) and the right hand side Administration pane is then displayed (System Check ok etc) and then the General Settings link is acted upon and displayed.

If I remove the config/manifest.inc.php (or rename it) then clicking on the Administration icon link brings up the page quickly. The System Check widget does show a warning about file integrity, of course.

I would rather not remove the manifest.inc.php file so the other work around I use for this issue is to have a direct link to the General Settings.

What I really would like is not to have the System Check widget in that Administration pane, or an option that would prevent it doing its check then. After all, it is there in the Diagnostics menu for when you want to do it manually.

Do you mind create a video of what you experience? Because in Firefox and in Chrome we are not seeing this behavior. What browser do you use?

Ok, will do. Probably won’t be able create the video until Friday sometime.
The above description was when using IE11 on Win7.

Firefox v52 is not much better.
After clicking on the Administration icon and then the General Settings link (as above) Firefox displays more dramatic messages but there is still a wait of about 2 minutes before the General Settings page is displayed.

Thanks for looking at this.
I do get the feeling though that it is more to do with the time it takes to actually do the file count on the server when doing the System Check.

It sounds more like a problem on your server I would say, that it is limited in some way and not able to do multiple things at once?

Hi, well yes, the server might not be helping. It’s a 2010 vintage, 4 core processor running Win2008R2. Disks are 3GB/s.
In general Piwik responds pretty well to requests and I don’t have an issue at all with normal viewing of Piwik pages.

When clicking on the Administration icon the 4 cores run at between 25% - 40% until the page is displayed, which I think is ok.

The hard discs could be the bottle neck when it’s doing the file integrity test during the System Check.

I think the file integrity test is doing more in V3 when compared to V2.
For example, V3 reports additional files as well as missing files.

Considering that Piwik V3 has over 7,000 files that are being checked and my server is doing that in about 2.5 minutes, I also think that is ok for a once in a while system check.

But in V3 it looks like it’s doing the system check every time I click on the Administration icon, whereas in V2 it would take you straight to Settings/General.

Now, I can see why there is the new Administration landing page, but it would be nice if it had the option to not do the file integrity check, at least after the first time.

Like I said before, my workaround is to have a shortcut directly to the Settings/General page, so I never see the new Administration landing page now.

Other than this very small quirk this is the first time since using Piwik from V0.9 that I’ve wished something was slightly different.
Piwik is great!