Piwik 3.0.1 super slow


I am currently using Google Analytics to track my users. Late last month i added piwik as an alternative just to have full data insight. However, after 10 Days of use I have following thoughts:

  • Piwik is super extremly slow. Slows down the entire webpage
  • Control Panel takes forever to load
  • When going into setting tons of Erros. Not all the time. Very weird behavior.
  • I haven’t seen a buggier code in ages
  • Piwik.js takes at least twice as long to load as google analytics does.

Its nice to have data insight but the performance is an absolute disaster.

I will be disabling it again.

You have done something wrong or your server has issues. Piwik should be very fast and faster than GA to load in most cases. “tons of errors” but you don’t tell us which errors. Not helpful. tell us more info so we can help you

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