Piwik 2.xx and removed TimeZones; some hints to help others

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since my last post on this forum. I’m returning today because i think i have some informations that might be usefull to others.

I recently updated to Piwik 2.0.1, a bit before 2.0.2 release, and i had to do it manually because the auto update refuse to work in my web host, i still need to investigate this other problem so it’s all i have to say about it.

But, soon after i upgraded to 2.0.1, i noticed that some of the time zones choices were missing from the drop down selection box. Mainly the America/Montreal time zone parameter wich i was using since the first day i’ve been using Piwik many years ago. I dont know for others time zones, but if this one is missing, there might be some others.

The fact that the America/Montreal time zone is missing isn’t really a problem since the time there is mainly identical to America/New York. So, i selected this new time zone in the general parameter, but it didn’t afected the sites that were already created wich were still showing America/Montreal as their time zone in the list of sites.

Later, i decided to edit the name of all sites to try to change the order in wich they are listed because i prefer them sorted by ID instead of been sorted alphabetically. I didn’t noticed that while doing this, the time zone of each site defaulted to the first one in the list e.g. Africa/Abidjan.

Later a saw a visit on one of my site recently added in Piwik. In the visitor log, the time of the visit was 16:45 but on my clock it was only 13:45. So i checked the time zones again and changed them all to America/New York. When doing this, it was written in the Piwik UI that this change wasn’t retroactive. But i made it be retroactive by simply deleting all the archive tables in my Piwik database.

So, i hope this bit of information can be usefull to others users who might have stumbled on a similar problem.
See ya all. :wink: