Piwik 2.x plugin development


Didn’t find public info about Piwix 2.x plugin development, what changed, what needs to be checked, to update v1.x plugin to v2.x compatible. I mean more info for plugin developers.

I am using LoginLdap and one click beta update threw fault, that Login module is inactive. After changing to Login it worked but now LoginLdap plugin needs to be rewritten to be enabled again.

I’m some sort of php developer and I did write a piwik plugin.
How do you expect to migrate a 1.x-plugin to 2.0 if there is no documentation?

Even a developer needs some input. I don’t belive in “the truth lies in the code alone”…

We are working and preparing Developer docs for Piwik 2.0. Stay tuned, we will release them in a few weeks. In the meantime, the code is a good place to look: we made it easier to understand and will continue doing so (and the code is already mostly documented).

I’m looking forward to it.

My first try to migrate the plugin was far away from a success.

For example:
Should I put the plugin-information in the json-file or in a function “getInformation” and if I use the json-file, how do I use the translation?
How can I use the translation at all?

But I can wait as long as the new version is “beta”…

Now you have to put all your information into the plugin.json file. More coming soon, if you have other questions feel free to ask