Piwik 2.2 broken CSS

I just updated to Piwik 2.2 and the CSS seems to be broken (yes, I did empty the browser cache and reloaded everything).

  1. The drop down box to select the web site is too far to the right - it always extends to the right of the browser window:

  1. The dashboard widgets now have a little arrow to open the icon panel for the alternative views - and if you open the icon panel it takes more space as it was before (since you now need space for the icons AND the little arrow to close it again) and the arrow is not at the bottom border of the widget boxes, but slightly out of place to the top:

Personally I don’t like this change anyway - the vertikal room saved in “closed” state is really minimal (just about 16 pixels in height or so) and when opened the widget panel icons need more room than before.

At least this should be configurable.