Piwik 2.2.0 release candidate -> help us test the latest and greatest Piwik

Dear community,

We are excited to announce the availability of Piwik 2.2.0 Release Candidate release.

What’s changed?

  • You can now track Custom Events! One of the most requested feature finally implemented in Piwik :slight_smile:
  • New Help menu in the top bar
  • Simplified datatable design and dashboard design, to help you focus on your data
  • ability to send Piwik team feedback (over on the title on a feature)

More than 70 tickets were closed, bug fixes, performance improvements, and general usabilty improvements: adding support for windows phone 7 version 7.5 by thirashima · Pull Request #1 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

How to update to latest beta?

You can tell Piwik to use the latest beta from within the user interface. See this FAQ: [piwik.org],
or alternatively you may download the latest beta from the build server, upload these files on top of your existing piwik files, and visit Piwik to upgrade.

How to report feedback?

Please post any bug or question or suggestion in this forum post. We hope to release Piwik 2.2.0 later this week!

Thank you for your help testing Piwik, and hope you love 2.2.0 :slight_smile: